Conorin Oy

Conorin provides personalised solutions for landowners, private customers, companies and other organisations who are planning to buy or to rent property. Our brokerage services are also in your use.

Our services include

• Property Development
• Real Estate Brokerage
• Facilities Management
• Selling and Letting of Commercial Premises
• Premises Planning

We currently manage approximately 500 000 m2, including the managed and listed properties.

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Property Development

The goal of property development is to create the best possible added value for the property and may be necessary when the value of the property is not aligned with the owner’s financial targets. We offer a comprehensive development service for both, investors and owners. Property development consists of development of small to large commercial properties, financing and ownership arrangements and real estate due diligence.

Real Estate Investment

When faced with decisions regarding property investments, some important issues to be considered are:

The location of the property.
How versatile and exploitable the property is for chosen target market?
How the property responds to the demand on market?
In order for property investments to be successful, the following must be considered:

The tenant’s needs must be clearly understood
Anticipation of changes with tenants
Accurately forecast changes on the market
Conorin’s mission is to provide comprehensive information for our clients, to enable them to make the right decisions.

Facilities Management

The corporate real estate sector is currently undergoing major changes that require owners and tenants to be able to be in command of even more things at the same time. To be successful while dealing with continuous changes requires cost effective solutions.

Conorin provides on-site property facility management and tailored service solutions enabling our clients to concentrate on their main business operations. In addition, Conorin Oy offers support and guidance in creating development strategies while finding the necessary base information required to make solid decisions.

Real Estate Business and Sales
Large property owners prefer to offer complete properties to the commercial market place. Conorin offers clients corporate real estates in smaller units, which decreases the owner’s risks. For instance, if one tenant leaves the premises, it’s easier to find a replacement since the demand for small units is high. In addition, small units result in higher rental income. Therefore, a higher investment yield and improved risk diversification can be achieved in the same time.